The Ancient Egypt "Race" Issue
A rebuttal to Afrocentric exaggerations about a "black" ancient Egypt.

Anthropological Morphologies Online Resources
Exposition, identification and description of the morphological types of living and ancient populations.

Anthropological Research Page

    Emphasis on physical anthropology, human population genetics and the study of the Greek people.
    Also, articles refuting Nordicism and Afrocentrism.

Anthropology Made Fun
    The roots of certain ethnicities...from a weirdo's point-of-view.

Dienekes' Anthropology Blog
    Popular weblog dedicated to human population genetics, physical anthropology, archaeology, and history.

HBD Bibliography
    Human biodiversity reading list.

    Italian biological and social anthropology blog.

Kemp's Countrymen
    Hilarious parody of a South African White Supremacist.

    Thracian mythology and history blog.

March of the Giants: History of the Medish Race
    Another parody, this time spoofing two primary Nordicist texts—March of the Titans and The Racial
—with some side jabs at Afrocentrism.

Mathilda's Anthropology Blog
    Strong focus on paleo-anthropology and refuting Afrocentrism, especially re: Egyptians.

Portuguese Genealogy Home Page
    Search for Portuguese ancestry.

The Races of Europe
    Seminal work in racial anthropology by Carleton Stevens Coon. (Full text)

The Racial Basis of Civilization
    A critique of the Nordic doctrine by Frank H. Hankins. (Full text)

The Racial Fuss Surrounding the "Moors" in Medieval Europe
A rebuttal to Afrocentric exaggerations about "black" Moors.

Refuting Arthur Kemp
    In-depth refutation of a Nordicist's lies and misinformation about Portugal.

Refuting "Refuting Racial Myths"
    My page refuting an attempt to refute my old website.

Sicilian Culture
    The food & drink, people, history, culture, language, news, folklore, links, traditions & more!